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IPS Future Kids

International public school future kids is the branch of IPS, It was established in May - 2010, at Airport road Lalghati, Bhopal.

At IPS Future Kids we understand that Pre and Primary schooling  is an important stage of life. 90% of brain growth happens during this stage. We adopt teaching methods that ensure child's growth in a playful and experimental environment.

It is a child’s way of learning about others and the world around them. We believe an imagination is a terrible thing to lose.

We try to make the children comfortable with us and their environment. The daily routine offers security and structure.

IPS has taken another step to climb the ladder of success towards establishing itself as a pioneer on the path of fostering the best of the educational environment and providing facilities for children. It is both a journey and a destination towards excellence.

These early years are magic years that remain a part of us forever. Teachers and parents who enjoy them with their children grow in wisdom and understanding.